About this site

This site was designed with the help of Sphinx, originally “a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Georg Brandl”, and used here a bit beside its original meaning.

Sphinx makes use of reStructuredText as markup language.

The mathematical display is done with the help of MathJax with LaTex markups.

About the use of Sphinx and reStructuredText

Advantages of Sphinx and reStructuredText are

  • Consistent integration of python docstrings that can be extended by usefull formatting instructions
  • Reasonably good and easy document compilation
  • Integration of LaTex
  • Various output formats/media are possible (html, pdf, …)

Disadvantages are

  • A shallow learning curve
  • Sometimes inconsistent usage is necessary to accomplish some needed html features

Clonclusion: Good for programmers, not recommended for anybody else.

Programming is done with Python, Matplotlib and Numpy .