Low Stratus in the basin of Admont 2014-10-19 - VideoΒΆ

Created:Oct 2014
Last changed:2019-06-27

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The video can be seen here.

At October 19 2014 the eastern Alps where under the influence of an high pressure system reaching as upper level ridge from the Mediterranean to the Baltic sea and as surface system from the Mediterranean sea and southern France to Romania and Ukraine. The general weather situation can be seen as CFS-Reanalysis at www.wetterzentrale.de

CFS-Reanalysis Surface Pressure and 500 hPa Geopotential Height in Europe 2014-Oct-19

According to the late season in the Styrian part of the Enns valley low stratus developped during night time. Because of almost undamped solar insolation the stratus dissolved until late morning. A time lapse video is shown from south of Admont close to the Kaiserau pass heading north towards the Haller Mauern mountains in about 900 m msl. The location can be seen here at Google Maps .

The video shows the almost complete dissolving of low stratus between 10:40 and 11:50 UTC+02 and can be seen with left click here: 20141019_AdmontLowST_long.avi (right click for download).

The frames where taken in 30 seconds intervalls.

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