About the Hydrostatics of Inversions


The basin of Admont (Northern Styria in Austria) filled with low stratus at 23 Nov 2012 as seen from south to north with the “Haller Mauern” mountains in the background. © D.Th.

A simple atmospheric two layer model with potential cold air reaching from the surface to an inversion height and potential warm air above this inversion height is investigated. The goal is an explicit relation between the inversion height and the independent variables of state surface pressure, upper level pressure (upper level geopotential resp.), cold potential temperature in the lower layer and warm potential temperature in the upper layer. Thus a deeper understanding of the behaviour of the inversion height in dependency of synoptic temperature and pressure fields can be gained.

A very simple model for the inversion heigth of two layers ofan incompressible fluid is presented here (2019, German):


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